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Residential Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling a property in Spain or by any other means transferring or disposing of all or part of your real estate assets in Spain, including taking the voluntary repossession route, our experts at Vives Pons & Asociados are able to guide you through the whole process.

We will assist and advise you on all aspects of the transaction including what taxes you need to pay, how to finance the transaction and what you should think about doing post the transaction, including making a will.

Buying and Selling a Property in Spain

Buying a property in Spain is an exciting prospect, especially if you are relocating from another country. However, regardless of who you are and the experience you have with conveyance procedures, the process can sometimes become overwhelming when faced with foreign legislation, different legal concepts and perceptions on life.

Some of the most common problems people encounter when investing in property in Spain can often result from not seeking adequate legal advice from the beginning of the process.

Legal Advice on investing in property in Spain

Our expert lawyers at Vives Pons & Asociados will guide you through every step of the process, making sure that all of the necessary checks are completed. We will also liaise with the relevant authorities including the land registry, the cadastral office and Council, making sure that the property is in good order and that it can be safely and finally registered in your name.

If you are relocating to Spain from the UK or are investing in a holiday home there is often the added stress of a language barrier, different customs and unfamiliar legislation and national bodies. Thanks to new technologies we can deal with all matters, keeping you informed every step of the way, ensuring that there is no need for you to travel to Spain for exchange of contracts.

Our expert Architecture team are also on hand to visit the property whether built yet or not and will complete the various checks required. Vives Pons & Asociados are also able to guide you through the tax paying process and advise you on the most beneficial tax saving structure for your individual case.

Instructing Vives Pons & Asociados and seeking adequate legal advice from the beginning of the process means bypassing most common problems. However, if you have already encountered problems, our Litigation department will be able to help resolve them.

Voluntary Repossessions buying a property in Spain

Our track record in successfully handling voluntary repossessions in Spain is unrivalled. If you are no longer able to meet your mortgage repayments, simply handing over your keys to the lender is not sufficient to discharge you of your mortgage obligations.

If a voluntary repossession is not properly managed, your property may end up being sold at public auction for an amount significantly lower that its market value, and you will end up liable for the remainder of the debt with all of your assets wherever situated, including those in the UK.

From liaising with the lender to the signing of the voluntary repossession deed at the notary's office, our team of experienced professionals will advise and assist you with every aspect of your proposed transfer of the property to your lender in discharge of your full liability to it.

About the process

Note: If voluntary repossession is something you are considering, it is important that you get advice as soon as possible.

Remortgages and Finance

If you can no longer afford to make your current monthly mortgage repayments, but you wish to keep your Spanish property, there are several solutions that you may be able to negotiate with your lender including:

  • Reducing your monthly repayments for several years
  • Changing to an interest only mortgage

Lenders are usually open to renegotiating your lender terms providing you are not in arrears. Therefore, it is important that appropriate advice is sought before you start defaulting in monthly repayments.

Our team of banking lawyers have been advising Vives Pons & Asociados private clients for several years, and are also the preferred choice of very well known building societies. Spanish solicitors in London

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