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**servicio empresas**


Employment advice and comprehensive management support for companies

Vives Pons lawyers and accountants has a team highly specialised in providing advice and support for managing small and medium-sized enterprises, contributing great added decision-making value to company management. We have a team of professionals committed to providing assistance to comply with the formal obligations involved in all the aspects of running a company, including tax, employment, accounting, and commercial matters.

Our experience acquired over more than 20 years, has been repaid with high loyalty from our clients to whom we provide tailor-made solutions based on comprehensive and bespoke advice.

Tax advice

In the business environment, a transaction can attract several taxes at the same time. Here at Vives Pons lawyers and accountants we review with you beforehand any type of eventuality or tax risk in order to improve your decision-making.

Vives Pons lawyers and accountants provides the following tax advisory services:

Establishment of foreign companies in Spain

There are several ways a foreign company may establish itself in Spain. The most common forms of establishment are through an office or branches and subsidiaries, although there are others such as signing distribution and cooperation agreements with Spanish companies (temporary unions of companies, economic interest groups), carrying out transactions through agents or agents on commission, franchises, etc.

Here at Vives Pons lawyers and accountants we have expertise in creating subsidiaries and other types of entities, which may require different procedures for their legalisation and deployment, as well as being subject to diverse tax and commercial obligations.

We can help you to set them up, run them, and provide advice over different phases:

Employment advice

Our multidisciplinary team made up of lawyers, economists, tax experts and other professionals is our leading competitive advantage when analysing your company’s employment relationships from different perspectives. This ensures that the solutions we offer you are comprehensive, bespoke, and highly effective.

Vives Pons lawyers and accountants places at your disposal, among others, the following services:

Accounting advice

Accounts are essential for decision-making within a company, the entrepreneur has to be fully committed to running the company using updated information, thus allowing then to decide and plan their business strategies correctly.

Vives Pons lawyers and accountants can offer the following accounting services:

Commercial advice

Our team offers you a significant competitive advantage over other firms since it has a multidisciplinary service structure. We have a detailed knowledge of business realities and the interrelationship between different aspects of the same (tax, accounting, and employment), which allows us to offer you not only legal but also, fundamentally, commercial, solutions.

Vives Pons lawyers and accountants offers the following services: