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Citizens of a Member State of the EU or of another State party to the European Economic Area Agreement who will be living in Spain for a period of more than three months, are obliged to apply personally at the Foreigners Office of the province where they intend to stay or establish their residence or, failing that, at the corresponding Police Station, for registration in the Central Register of Foreigners. This application must be submitted within three months from the date they entered Spain, and a registration certificate will be issued immediately stating the name, nationality and address of the registered person, their foreigner identity number (NIE), and the date of registration.

Once you have resided legally in Spain for a continuous period of five years, a certificate indicating your permanent right to reside will be issued at your request.

To make this application, it is necessary to provide the valid original passport or national identity document, two passport type photographs, pay the corresponding fee, duly complete the application forms, and, depending on the applicant’s professional status (unemployed, self-employed, employee, rentier or retired), any other essential and specific documentation applicable to the case.