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The team of professionals of Vives Pons lawyers and accountants has a high knowledge of Spanish and international legislation and extensive experience in both jurisdictions, thus providing added value in cross-border operations.

Lawyers, highly qualified tax and labour advisors who work synergistically to offer you a comprehensive, fast and efficient service, always working closely with you to offer you maximum confidence.

Our team has very good relations with Notaries, banks, the Tax Agency, Social Security, SUMA, Cadastre, Town Halls and other public entities.

Salvador Vives Pons

Founding partner and lawyer

Law Degree (University of Valencia).
Master in Taxation and Fiscal Advice of Companies (School of the Company of Valencia).
Belonging to the Valencia Bar Association.
Languages: German, English, Spanish

Francisco José Vives Pons

Founding partner and tax/accounting advisor

Bachelor in Business Administration and Management (University of Valencia).
Master in Taxation and Tax Advice of Companies (Centre for Financial Studies of Valencia).
Extensive experience in International Taxation.
Belonging to the Association of Economists of Alicante and member of the REAF.
Vice President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of the Marina Alta (JOVEMA).
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Miguel Ángel Vives Pons

Founding partner and technical architect

Diploma in Technical Architecture (Polytechnic University of Valencia).
Master in Sustainable Architecture and Advanced Technology. National Association for the Housing of the Future and Sustainable Housing. (ANAVIF) and (ANAS).
Belonging to the College of Technical Architects of Alicante.
Member of the Association of Small and Medium Builders of Denia.
Languages: English, Spanish.

Eva Llobet

Administrative Technician

Master in Business Administration and Management
Responsible for notarial powers and wills
Responsible for document management
Responsible for Cadastre
Responsible for habitability certificates and urban certificates
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Cristina Morera

Administrative Technician

Second Degree Professional Training.
Tax Technical Diploma (Centre for Financial Studies of Valencia).
Responsible for Accounting and Tax Management.
Languages: Spanish.

Natalia Nadal

Administrative Technician

Diploma in Business Administration (University of Valencia)
Intermediation with public bodies
Responsible for the service of notifications to natural persons
Accounting management
Languages: German, English, Spanish

Beatriz Fernández

Senior technician in administration

Higher professional training in Administration and Finance
Responsible for Accounting Management
Languages: English, Spanish

Neyda Acosta

Tax advisor

Higher professional training in Administration and Finance

Technical Tax Diploma (Center for Financial Studies of Valencia)
Responsible for Accounting and Fiscal Management
Responsible for the filing of Non-Resident statements
Responsible for tourist rentals
Languages: English, Spanish

Juanjo Vaquer

Tax and accounting advisor

Diploma in Accounting and Business Taxation (Alicante).
Diploma in Commercial Law (Centre for Financial Studies of Valencia).
Responsible for Fiscal and Commercial Management.
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Diana Hernando


Diploma in Property Law
Diploma in Contract Law
Responsible for the management of the purchase and sale of properties
Translator and interpreter
Languages: English, Spanish


Noelia Ramos

Labor Management´s responsible

Diploma in Labor Relations (University of Valencia)

Master in Accounting Direction and Management (Centre for Financial Studies of Valencia)

Expert management and administration of staff and consulting on employment and social security matters.

Languages: Spanish, English

Mª José Ribera


Law Degree (University of Valencia)
Master's Degree in Human Resources (Comillas Pontifical University - ICADE)
Global and constant service and support in labour and HR management
Expert in occupational risk prevention
Belonging to the Alicante Bar Association
Languages: English, Spanish