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Spanish wills are individual and personal, in other words, it is not possible to draw up a joint document. Each person must have their own. A Spanish will only covers assets in Spain, if there are assets in other countries, a separate will must be drawn up there.

The most recently signed will takes precedence. It is important to note that if you have any other wills, these will not be affected by your Spanish will.

The process for drafting a Spanish will is as follows:

  1. Contact Vives Pons lawyers and accountants.
  2. Vives Pons lawyers and accountants write a “memorandum” or draft with the information and send it to the notary, requesting an appointment to sign the will.
  3. On the day of the appointment you, and a member of the Vives Pons lawyers and accountants’ team, will attend the notary’s office.
  4. At the notary's office, we will sit in a private room where we will have time to read the will. If you agree with the contents, it must be signed by you and by the notary.
  5. Once the will has been officially signed, you will receive a plain copy and Vives Pons lawyers and accountants will keep another plain copy for you on file in our offices.

Our fees include VAT, drafting of the will, notarial and registration fees.