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9 things you need to know if you want to become self-employed

Picture 9 cosas que debes saber si quieres convertirte en autónomo

Many see the self-employed as a way out of the much-desired "freedom to work". But this freedom implies a quota of efforts and precautions to be taken, if one does not want to fail in the attempt.

In Spain, the phenomenon of the self-employed is on the rise. More and more people are daring to throw themselves into the waters of entrepreneurship. Here we tell you 9 things you should know if you want to become self-employed.

1- The first thing you will do is register as a self-employed worker with the Inland Revenue and Social Security. At the Tax Office you can register through the model 036 or 037. Then you will have a period of one month to register with the Social Security.

2- Every month you will have to pay the self-employed fee. The first year you will have a flat rate of 60 euros. Each Autonomous Community offers occasional assistance to the self-employed. It is important that you are aware of this because you will need all the help possible to get started.

3- The self-employed can pay contributions for all the contingencies that workers under the general regime pay, such as the right to receive unemployment benefits. While you have the flat rate, contributing for these contingencies is optional, so you must be careful to apply for them.

4- VAT and personal income tax are fiscal obligations that you must now declare quarterly. For the first three years you can opt for the reduced rate of 7% IRPF.

5- If you are unemployed, you can capitalize it. Many people want to start their own business but need an initial capital. You can choose to receive your unemployment benefit in a single payment, if you are going to register as a self-employed person.

6- Have you got a part-time job but want to start up your own business at the same time? We have good news for you! Now the burdens have been lightened for self-employed people in a situation of Pluriactivity. You are, for example, entitled to a refund of 50% of the excess of contributions of self-employed persons with multiple jobs.

7- You should know that the self-employed can access the public pension but it is up to 40% less than the pension in the general regime. How can you improve it? Well, before the age of 42 you must increase your social security contributions.

8- If you are a woman, bear in mind that if you are self-employed you have the same right to maternity benefits as workers under the general regime. In other words, you can receive 100% of your regulatory base. If you pay the minimum contribution, this will represent around 880 euros per month.

9- Every year the legal framework for the self-employed changes, so we recommend that you have a good advisor at your side. You will save yourself headaches and gain in confidence in all your transactions.


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