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What are the taxes I have to declare as a self-employed person?

Picture ¿Cuáles son los impuestos que debo declarar como autónomo?

If you plan to become self-employed this year, you should know what taxes you are obliged to declare. Keep reading because here we tell you what they are.

Once you have taken the first steps: register with the Social Security under the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), and register with the Tax Authorities, submitting forms 036 and 037; it is time to take into account the taxes that you must submit:

Form 303. This is the VAT or Value Added Tax return. Who is exempt from paying this tax? Self-employed individuals who carry out activities such as health, education, social or sports activities. VAT must be included in the invoice, and must be declared quarterly.

Form 390. This is an annual summary of all the 303 (VAT) forms that have been filed throughout the year.

Model 130 or Personal Income Tax withholding. It is estimated by subtracting the expenses related to the business from the income. A 20% (in many cases) is applied to the result, which will be what is declared as income tax. The professional self-employed who are exempt from declaring it are those who apply the withholding to 70% of their invoices. Also take into account that the IRPF is presented with the model 130 if it is taxed by direct estimation or with the model 131 if it is taxed by modules.

Model 111. If you have workers under your charge or if you have hired a professional, you must file this model. This model is for quarterly self-settlement, and in it you declare the deductions made from the workers and/or professionals who have worked for you.

Form 190. Self-employed persons who have filed Form 111 on a quarterly basis must file this return, which is their annual summary.

Form 115. This is for self-employed persons who rent premises or offices. Deductions from the rent are declared.

Form 180. Summarises all the forms 115 that have been filed during a year.

Form 123. If you have been granted a credit, you must file this form. It indicates the amount of interest withheld from the loan.

Form 193. This is the annual summary of the 123 forms filed.

Form 349. This annual form must be filed by self-employed workers who carry out intra-Community transactions, i.e. with other European Union countries.

Form 347. This is an annual form for information on the transactions we have carried out with third parties which have exceeded the amount of 3,001 euros.

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