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I want to rent my property for holidays. What should I do?

Picture Quiero alquilar mi piso por vacaciones ¿Qué debo hacer?

I want to rent my property for holidays. What should I do?

Maybe you have an apartment in the Community of Valencia that you want to rent for short stays, but you have heard that now the rental of tourist apartments is regulated. The "collaborative economy" has made tourist housing rise like foam. And it has become a lucrative sector.

At the beginning of 2019 the Valencia Region has updated the regulations on short term rentals. Now those who want to exercise this activity must have a valid tourist license. In fact, the measure caused the giant "Booking" had to cancel on its website to several apartments that did not submit the tourist license for short term rental. Not for less, the fines for not complying with the regulations can reach 600,000 euros.

Beyond the controversy that has generated these measures of the Comunitat, is a sector that tries to overcome the difficulties and continue offering tourists and visitors from the Valencian community an alternative accommodation.

What should I do now and how is the process? The Consejo General de Administradores de Fincas de la Comunitat Valenciana in collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana has published the Guide to Tourist Use Housing for Owners. The most important points of this guide are summarised below:

The document establishes that properties that meet the following requirements are considered to be for tourist use: complete properties, whatever their type, that have the municipal report that allows said tourist use, the use of which is ceded by means of price, with habituality, in conditions of immediate availability and for tourist, holiday or leisure purposes.

Homes that are rented by season and establishments called hotel-apartments and hotel-apartment-residence are not houses for tourist use, and are therefore outside the regulatory regulations. Neither are units or modules such as cabins, bungalows or mobile homes that are installed in tourist camps.

What obligations do you have to fulfill in order to rent your house to tourists?

There are five requirements that must be met:

1- You must register your holiday home in the Valencia Region Tourism Registry. You can do this online or in person at the Provincial Territorial Tourism Services. Before taking this step, you should seek advice on the regulations in the municipality that owns the property, and obtain the municipal report on urban compatibility for tourism use.

To complete the registration must submit:

- Communication that you are going to use the house for tourist use

- Characteristics of the same

- Responsible declaration of necessary requirements

- Documentation accrediting physical or legal personality

- Documentation on housing

- Cadastral reference number

- Municipal report on urban compatibility that allows its use as a tourist home.

- Secure Verification Code (CSV), a number that appears in the previous report and that guarantees the authenticity of electronic documents.


2- Advertising: the information you will give about the property must be truthful. Take into account the following points you must provide:

- Characteristics of the property, conditions of use and services contracted.

- It should always include the registration number of the property and its category.

- It is obligatory to exhibit in a visible way the distinctive identification of tourist housing that can be downloaded at:


3- Control of travelers: you must have at the disposal of your guests sheets of claims and the poster that announces of the sheets of claims. Also the owner must have a book of passenger registration and part of the tickets to present it to the Police and Guardia Civil during a period of 24 hours, from the beginning of the accommodation.


4- Compliance with the Rules of the Community of Neighbours: Before starting the procedures, you must make sure that the rules of the Community of Neighbours do not prohibit or limit the transfer of apartments for tourist purposes. The owner may be liable for damages caused by visitors in the community.


5- Protection of personal data: the personal data collected must be protected and processed legally. The traveller must be informed of the legal use of such data, of the time it will be kept and of his right to rectify, limit or delete such personal information.

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